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Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler


“The sparkling summer of 2014 has witnessed a classy addition to the retail precinct at Oneroa Village, on Waiheke Island. Readily identified by the moniker ‘christine’ in distinctive Celtic lettering, the gallery represents another chapter in the fascinating life of Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler."
Owen Poland. New Zealand Retail, April 2014

“Why copy others? Put your energy into things you know. Build yourself a market. Say ‘this is me, this is what I like’. Explain things. I call it my missionary work”
Owen Poland quotes Christine. NZ Retail, April 2014

“Christine’s jewellery is comparable with Chinese Medicine: within the simplicity of the “whole” are endless circles of complexity – drawing your eye deeper and deeper into the wonder of the piece. Nothing is simple, the layers are endless. Feichang hao!"
Joan Campbell - December 2008

“The last time I saw colour and coloured stones used like this was in the work of Fulce di Verdura. Since then, why have we forgotten that stones are coloured and beautiful?"
Maurizio Piglia - December 2008

“Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler has won the fine jewellery award in the 2008 AGR Matthey Jewellery Awards held in Wellington. The judges said that …Christine had 'that extra edge'. She sure does, this is a huge and well-deserved accolade for Christine. Congratulations"
Mayor Bob Harvey. Waitakere City Mayoral report - June 2008

“There is a deconstruction to her designs, a fibrous rawness and a more organic, asymmetrical style. It’s not what you would expect from a German designer. Much of that comes from her decision to settle in Aotearoa. “It’s so easy to be inspired here in New Zealand. I often travel around, go back to my studio and create pieces from what I have seen”.
Unlimited - March 2008. Download this article (PDF 556k)

“Kia Ora Te Mahi
It makes me take deep breaths to see and feel your mahi…inspiration plus. Arohanui. Thank you for the delightful feast of the senses with your amazing ‘open’ space"
Tipene, Jocelyn - February 2008

“...these works combine the symbolic and narrative ideas associated with the landscape, becoming works of an iconic nature, exquisite pieces of jewellery that encapsulate ideas and emotions"
National Business Review - 2003

“Christine’s pieces are not for the faint hearted or the limited of budget. And one would need to feel powerful, comfortable in oneself, to even try them on. “They are bought by people of all ages: but always by people who know themselves, who are very confident about who they are. Each piece is waiting for the right person." 
Grace magazine - 1999

“Welche sagenhafte Lebensreise, sowohl geographisch als auch kuenstlerisch, Du unternommen hast!! Jedes Mal, wenn ich einen Ring von dir anlege, denke ich fest an Dich und fuehle mich in alter Freundschaft mit dir verbunden. Ich kann nur in Hochachtung meinen Hut ziehen, denn du erfinest dich immer wieder neu. Man spuert foermlich Deine Begeisterung und Hingabe, womit Du Deine Schmuckstuecke formst"
Gabriele Seidler - September 2007

“One of the highlights of the Artex show was the 'City of Sails' necklace by Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler who was inspired by an aquamarine cut by internationally renowned lapidary Bernd Munsteiner. It demonstrates the artistry and technical excellence she has developed with 25 years in the industry."
Jewellery Time - 1996

“Christine caresses the brooch at her chest - paua shell set with black Cook Island pearls in 18ct gold - while she contemplates the connections between a greenstone carving, a piece of driftwood and a cluster of star-like diamonds."
Next - 1996

“Through this unusual combination of talents the jeweller interprets her impressions of the wild West Coast seascape producing distinctly New Zealand works overlaid with a European aesthetic. They are vibrant, full of colour and rythmic in line."
New Zealand Herald - 1995

“This exhibition is breathtaking. Christine is a professional, an artist whose lengthy training and 22 years as a practitioner have given her the skills and freedom to execute with flawless perfection the most sophisticated ideas."
New Zealand Herald - 1994

“The jewellery of Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler takes a position we rarely see in New Zealand - the contemporary heirloom, contemporary precious jewellery. Her collection is an exuberant proliferation of bejewelled body adornment that takes unusual forms with a delightful lack of symmetry."
New Zealand Herald - 1993

“Christine's designs are neither timid nor ostentatious; some are made with costly materials, but none could be construed as pretentious or flashy status symbols."
Midhurst & Petworth Observer - 1988